Mill Theatre, Thurso

 This is one of the paintings I sold at the recent exhibition of the Society of Caithness Artists. I took some photographs while I was painting it, and I thought I would show them here to give an idea of my working methods.

I usually start with a big wet wash over the whole of the sheet, letting the colours run together. In this case, I have also used masking fluid to preserve some of the white areas.


First stage of watercolour painting, showing the wet washes running together to create a soft image.

Mill Theatre and Cotton Grass

First painting stage


While everything is still wet, I add more paint to some areas and lift it off from others with a semi-dry brush. I aim to finish up with an overall impression of the subject, with everything soft edged.

In the next stage I remove the masking fluid and develop the various forms, strengthening tonal values and firming up edges. The third and final stage is for adding details.

Watercolour painting of old mill buildings in sunshine, with open area in foreground with patches of white cotton grass.

Mill Theatre and Cotton Grass, Thurso

Finished painting - 26 cm x 36 cm



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