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Colour palette

On my last post Caroline asked about the colours and papers I use, so I thought I would take the opportunity to give a few details. My usual palette consists of seven colours:- Raw Sienna Burnt Sienna Permanent Rose French Ultramarine Winsor Blue (Green Shade) Winsor Green (Yellow Shade) Burnt Umber Occasionally, for flowers or bright objects, I add Winsor Yellow and Scarlet Lake. The colours are all transparent and are spread evenly around the colour wheel - I find that this gives me the greatest number of possibilities for mixes. Most of the time I only have to mix two colours together. I can make a good range of warm greys with Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna, or cool greys with Winsor Green and Permanent Rose. Both mixes produce a very dark grey at full strength. In fact Winsor Green/Permanent Rose will give me as close to black as I ever need. I have Burnt Umber for dark mixes as well, but I tend to forget to use it because Burnt Sienna seems just as good for that

Autumn at Braemar

Autumn at Braemar Watercolour 25 x36 cm When I visited Deeside I was hoping to see some wonderful autumn colours in the trees and I wasn't disappointed. There is a hill above Braemar, called Morrone, which has it's lower slopes covered with birch trees. A short climb leads to a viewpoint with a panorama of the Cairngorm Mountains.