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Harbour Buildings at Sarclet

A Ruined Croft

Shore Cottages at Berriedale

Dunnet Head Lighthouse

Brassicas and Celery

Autumn in the Park

Wildflowers in the garden

Old Mill at Westerdale

View at Muie


After the Harvest

In Glenmore Forest

Coastline at Brims

Loch Shurrery

An Old Croft in Dunbeath Strath

Glen Callater

Looking Out from Dirlot Gorge

Sunlight on Loch Calder

Maiden Pap and Berriedale Water

Strabeg Bothy

The Gorge at Prisoner's Leap

Sun Breaking Through at Loch More

Below Ben Dorrery

A Flow Country Sky

A Farm Near Camster

Duncansby Head

The old Man of Hoy

Glen Sligachan

A Highland Waterfall

A Broken Wall

Outbuidings in Snow

Snow Shadows

Sunshine and Shower Clouds

Hay Bales in the Snow

Morven in Snow Cover