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Sunshine and Showers

My favourite weather for painting is a mixture of sunshine and rain showers. I love the contrast between the sunlit yellows of the landscape and the dark blue-greys of the heavy clouds. The cloud shadows are useful for composing the tonal values of the painting, allowing a kind of spotlight to be shone on certain features. These are two versions of the same subject, with the sunlight used to provide different focal points.  "Dwarwick Head, Clouds Building" - watercolour - 16 x 26 cm "Dwarwick Head, Rain Clouds" - watercolour - 16 x 26 cm

Scrabster Ice Quay

"The Ice Quay at Scrabster" - watercolour - 13 x 18 cm A while ago I posted a painting of a 19th Century ice-house. This is a small watercolour of the modern equivalent, at Scrabster. A refrigeration plant produces ice in industrial qualities, which is piped into fishing boats moored at the quay alongside.