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The Cuillin Mountains of Skye

Light on Marsco, watercolour, 25 x 36 cm The Isle of Skye is famous for the Cuillin Mountains , probably the most impressive range of mountains in the British Isles. There are actually two separate parts of the range, lying on either side of Glen Sligachan . On the northern side are the Black Cuillin , composed of very old, gabbro rock. They have a very jagged outline and provide some challenging climbing conditions. To the south the mountains are known as the Red Cuillin , because of their pink granite rocks. They have a more forgiving, smoother outline. These hills include Marsco , the subject of the painting, with slopes which sweep down into Glen Sligachan. Location -

Crags on Arkle

Crags on Arkle Watercolour 25 x 18 cm This is a small watercolour of some crags on Arkle, a mountain in North-west Sutherland. I was pleased with cliffs and the feeling of recession, but the top half of the painting felt a bit empty. I thought that an eagle, soaring on the updraughts in the background, might give it a bit of life and a sense of scale. It's amazing how a simple brushstroke can transform a painting sometimes.