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Brassicas and Celery

Brassicas and Celery - acrylic, 20 x 25 cm   I saw this part of the vegetable patch in our garden, and I was struck by the sculptural quality of the cauliflower plant. It was an ideal opportunity for a bit of plein-air work, but a difficult subject because of all the shades of green. Not for sale.

Autumn in the Park

Autumn in the Park at Thurso - watercolour, 17 x 26 cm  

Wildflowers in the garden

Wildflower Garden - acrylic, 20 x 25 cm  My partner was given a packet of wildflower seeds, so she scattered them in an empty area of the garden. She didn't really expect them to come to much, but Nature created this colourful display! I don't usually paint flowers, but I wanted to create a record of it, and acrylics seemed more suitable than watercolours. Not for sale.

Old Mill at Westerdale

Old Mill at Westerdale - watercolour, 17 x 26 cm   The much-photographed old mill at Westerdale, in Caithness, Scotland. The river is the Thurso, a popular salmon-fishing river.