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Fog Around Morven

Sometimes Morven seems just to be part of a range of hills on the horizon. At other times it can look more dramatic, and definitely a mountain, especially when fog or cloud isolates it from its surroundings.

Keith Tilley Watercolours

Sunlight on Dalemore

The old farmstead of Dalemore. It must have been quite a substantial farm at one time, and the barns are still used, but the house is empty and becoming ruinous now.

The sunlight shining on the buildings had the effect of a spotlight on a stage-set, highlighting them and subduing the background. I could have chosen to leave the wind turbines out, but they are such a feature of this landscape that it wouldn't have seemed right somehow.

Keith Tilley Watercolours

Dounreay from Sandside

Usually when I paint a view of Dounreay Nuclear Power Station it is from the edge of the bay, often with a rough sea so that the crashing waves and clouds of spray create a lot of drama. On this occasion, I was attracted by the view as I walked down the hill from Sandside Lodge. The landscape in the foreground made a softer atmosphere, although still with the inevitable wildness of this stretch of coastline.

From my Google collection - Keith Tilley Watercolours