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Painting Cliffs

These two were painted yesterday on a walk along the coast at Reay. There are some dramatic cliffs around Caithness, but often there is no way of getting to the foot of them. So far I have mostly painted them from the few places where it is possible to get down to the shore, but I think I need to work from the cliff tops more. I tried it with 'Cliffs at Sandside' and I was quite pleased with the result. I had problems with 'Sandside Head'. The sun was very bright and there was no shade to work in, so there was a lot of glare from the white paper. Looking from the bright paper to the subject and then back again, it was difficult to judge the tonal values properly. The temptation then is to keep adjusting things, with the danger of the painting becoming overworked. Cliffs at Sandside 6.5 x 10 inches, 16.5 x 25.5 cm Sandside Head 9.5 x 6.5 inches, 25 x 16.5 cm

Comings and Goings

Most of the geese have flown north for the summer now. There are still a few stragglers around though, or maybe they are passing through from further south. The swans left a while ago. The lochs will be quiet now and the sea cliffs will become the noisy places, with their colonies of nesting birds - the Puffins always make me smile! Startled Geese Watercolour, 10 x 14 inches, 25 x 35 cm