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Impressions of an Untamed Country

I'm having an exhibition in the Mezzanine Gallery, at Elgin Museum, during October. This is a selection of the paintings on show. Most of them have been shown here before, but I think the first one is new. Lone Pine and Lochnagar - watercolour - 25 x 36 cm Link to Elgin Museum

Going With The Flow

Shower over a Loch - Watercolour - 18 x 26 cm I was reading a piece recently on Bruce Sherman's blog , where he was talking about painting without doing any underdrawing. I usually do some preliminary drawing, but it's very brief and I try to use it as just a guide. This time I decided to try doing no drawing at all. It's a quick and exciting way to work and there are two ways of doing it. Either you can start with a clear idea of what you want the painting to look like; 'drawing' with your mind you could say, or you can start with a loose or semi-abstract lay-in and allow something to emerge from it. In this case I intended producing a reasonably close interpretation of the subject, so I set out with an idea of how the painting would look. Even so, and especially with watercolour, there is still an element of 'happy accident' and the main thing is allowing these to happen and making the best of them when they do. It's all about, in the word