Crags on Arkle

Crags on Arkle
25 x 18 cm

This is a small watercolour of some crags on Arkle, a mountain in North-west Sutherland. I was pleased with cliffs and the feeling of recession, but the top half of the painting felt a bit empty. I thought that an eagle, soaring on the updraughts in the background, might give it a bit of life and a sense of scale. It's amazing how a simple brushstroke can transform a painting sometimes.


  1. Good Morning Keith!... A wonderful example here of saying so much with so little!A single brushstroke can evoke the same strength as one note from one child's perfect voice in the midst of an adult choir of voices!

    Your minimalist approach to this painting ... the very controlled strong feeling of recession... and that lone eagle which draws the eye deep into the picture plane really enhances the powerful feeling of the wildness and solitude of these crag landscapes!

    Another gem!

    Good Painting and Happy Sprin to You Keith!
    Warmest egards,

  2. Hi Keith.
    Lovely painting. You are absolutely right regarding placing the Eagle in that spot. Well done. All the best.

  3. Thanks Bruce.

    I hope all is going well with the preparations for moving.

    All the best,

  4. Hi Keith, the eagle really adds a special something to your painting. Very well painted with such watercolour skill. Your choice of colours give this desolate scene a feeling that once the mist passes there will be some sunshine.

  5. Hi Caroline. Yes, you're right; there is the sense of a thin veil of mist with bright sunshine behind. Days like that are so much more interesting than bright sunny weather in the mountains.


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