A Caithness Longhouse, The Corr, Latheron

Watercolour painting of an old longhouse croft in Caithness, Scotland. A turf-roofed cottage with outbuildings, and a figure walking in from the right.

 A Caithness Longhouse, The Corr, Latheron

Watercolour, 16 cm x 26 cm

Collection of King Charles III


An old turf-roofed longhouse, of a type once typical throughout Scotland. They were simple dwellings of one or two rooms, with a cattle byre at one end, and sometimes a few outbuildings.

A preserved example can be seen here - https://www.nts.org.uk/visit/places/moirlanich-longhouse




  1. Looks awesome although the person on the painting is a bit too much ontop of the painting for my taste, .... give it a light wash and push it into your painting I would say.

    Something else is there any place like the link to stay overthere?

  2. Yes I see what you mean René. That's why I don't usually add figures unless they are there, they always look false somehow. I felt this needed to look lived-in.

    It's too late for this now, it's in the King's collection.

    There are probably lots of converted longhouse. I've found this one with a quick search for longhouse holiday cottages - https://www.scotland.org.uk/cottages/cottage/tullibole-castle-longhouse


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