Hay-making Time

Farming scene of hay bales in Scotland. Original watercolour.
Hay Bales in the Sun - watercolour, 17 cm x 25 cm

I love hay-making time. The air is full of the smell of new-mown hay, and the fields are full of the sculptural forms of the round hay bales. It also marks a change though. The fields, which were full of growing grass and wildflowers, are now bare, and the summer will soon be coming to an end.



  1. Superb, ... you really got the weight of those hay bales.

    Kevin Menck use to be very good at these aswell.

    It's a quick business isn't it, those bales are gone befor you know.

  2. I think it's that little bit of flatness where they sit on the ground. I think students would probably make them too round.

    Yes I always admire Kevin's hay bales. In fact, I think I have him in mind when I'm painting them!

    I'd only just finished painting some last year, when they came to take them away!


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