Alternative Energies

Alternative Energies - watercolour, 17 cm x 25 cm


I thought this was an interesting view, with the contrast between the two forms of energy generation. In the distance are wind-turbines producing renewable electricity, and the buildings nearer the foreground are the Dounreay nuclear power station. It was a cloudy day with sunny intervals, so I chose to have the distant wind-turbines in a patch of sunlight, while the foreground was in shade. This created a focal point, but it also highlighted the current push for more renewable energy, rather than the controversial nuclear option. 



René PleinAir said…
Nice comment but I wonder how much energy those few birdslicers produce compared to this nuclear plant, ...

Guess it's obvious which one has more future.
René PleinAir said…
Awesome watercolour, that's a fact btw.
Keith Tilley said…
The nuclear plant was the first one in the UK, but it's being decommissioned now. Unfortunately because we get a lot of wind here, we seem to have turbines all around. It might not be so bad if we got cheaper electricity!

I stumbled across a video the other day with Trevor Chamberlain painting in it. If you haven't seen it before, I think you might find it interesting -
René PleinAir said…
I'll doubt it would get cheaper, ... it getting more profitable for the big companies but the actual cost will be for us and our children and grandchildren.

I't pure criminal what thos basterds are doing.

A nice docu around this subject is from a Dutch documaker who lives in east Germany.

Trevor I seen but I'm going to watch it again, ... i'm such a fan of him and his work !!

Take care Keith

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