House on the Shore at Dunbeath

Cottage on the shore at Dunbeath, in Caithness. On the North Coast 500 route. Original watercolour.
House on the Shore at Dunbeath - watercolour, 16 x 26 cm


This house, just above the shoreline in Dunbeath Harbour, must be a bit vulnerable to easterly storms I would have thought. There was a big storm a few years ago, which did cause quite a lot of damage along the coast. The line of concrete blocks, in the foreground, was put in afterwards to strengthen the defences.


Bruce Sherman said…
Good morning,

Missed these last two beauties on your site. This one ... as usual speaks beyond the mere visual image. You grasp ... and understand how life here (might) have been carried on in more austere eras.

Talk about isolation! Just as bleak today... in the face of the easterlies. But being "rescued"... by any other force than hard work was hardly to be expected or found!

Love them both Keith!

Warmest regards! Keep painting... and stay safe!
Keith Tilley said…
Hi Bruce,

I'm glad you like these. I do like subjects that extra story behind them.

All the best,


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