Fisherfield Forest

Beinn Dearg Mor
25 x 36 cm

I painted this from a sketch I made on a short walk up Gleann Chaorachain, below An Teallach. Beinn Dearg Mor is one of the mountains of the Fisherfield Forest, which is a remote mountainous area in Wester Ross, between Kinlochewe and Dundonnel. It is sometimes known as 'The Great Wilderness' and, although it is called a forest, it has few trees now.


  1. Keith, this is stunning. The mountain is majestic and you've captured it's solid bulk brilliantly. And I love that sky. Fabulous piece.

  2. You have captured the mountain beautifully. I know the mountain well there is a wonderful view of it on the way to Ullapool across loch Droma, not always visible though.

  3. Thanks Caroline. It's always nice when someone recognises and identifies with a painting.

  4. Hi Keith!... Back in "your element" I see! Another beautiful mountain panorama!

    You really seem to handle the aerial perspective with such confidence and ease!

    I love the way that you layer the foreground through to background in distinct planes with value changes that seem to melt together effortlessly!

    Great painting!

    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,

  5. Hi Bruce.

    'Back in "your element"'

    Yes I always feel that extra bit of inspiration when a mountain's involved.


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