Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis
Watercolour, 25 x 36 cm

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Great Britain, at 1344 metres (4409 feet), and this is possibly the best-known view of it from Corpach, near Fort William. The 'tourist' path goes up on this side, from the right, and it's a fairly straightforward climb. The north side is different altogether, with sheer cliffs and some serious climbing routes - more information.


  1. Wow those little houses just give the scale, .. awesome!

    The atmosphere is stunningly Keith, you almost can feel the wind and get in awe of the inspiring mountains.

  2. Thanks René. Yes you really get a feeling of the size of the mountain from this view.

  3. Hi Keith!... Another gem! I love your treatment of the aerial perspective... the "stacking" of the landscape layers... and the nice detail in the middleground to establish the scale of these forms!

    Great colour and clarity as usual! Well done!

    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,

  4. excellent composition keith,
    you really caught the scale
    very dramatic

  5. Thanks Bruce and Rob. Those little houses really helped with the sense of scale.

  6. Yeo, Keith !

    Love the feel of 'volume' dictated by the mountains in this piece. It really "feels" in the enlarged view.
    Have you changed the 'look' of your blog, Keith?... Looks different, ..looks great ! :~)

    Keep well..

  7. Hi Frank.

    I'm glad you get a sense of the massive bulk of the mountain.

    I don't think I've made any changes, but I'm glad you like the blog.


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