Coastline at Keiss

Watercolour painting of a coastline with a World War II pill-box in the foreground, and sunshine highlighting a castle tower in the distance.
Defence of the Realm, Coastline at Keiss
Watercolour, 35 cm x 54 cm
£390 in a plain white frame


There has always been a need to defend the coastline. In mediaeval times castles were sited at strategic locations. The use of gunpowder led to the development of forts and, by the time of World War II, concrete bunkers. Now the threat is from climate change, with sea-level rise and extreme weather. The old defences are no longer of any use, and they may even disappear as the coastline is gradually eroded.



  1. Thats a long time no see Keith, but well worth it.

    How's life?

  2. Yes, I do believe in climate change, and in any case I try to have a low impact on the environment.

    I probably won't be around when the big effects of a warmer world arrive, but if I were a teenager I wouldn't want to gamble that most scientists were wrong!

  3. Most scientist?!

    Bought and payed off scientist, ... look around and see how much propaganda is going around in CC !!

    It's HUGE!!

    Even on tea bags they print now "Do you care about the planet? I DO! " and in my underwear the label says "Think climate, wash on 30 dgr."


    When you have an annual meeting and leave out every sceptic scientist you end up with consensus.

    And what are you doing now to thOSE teenagers?! they are getting muzzeled, depressive and obediance is that what you wish?!

    Our BIG goverment will sort it out, ... you only should give us ALL the power, your money and you freedom of speech.

    Read George Orwell "1984" and Aldous Huxley "Brave new world" for God sake !!
    You're being leid to by an very eavel and dark force

    I really thought you where smarter then this Keith, but it looks like you are a member of a DEATH cult who's main purpose is to kill off 2/3 of the world population,(Georgia guidestones) ... good luck with that.

    Please get some sense into yourself again !!
    And WAKE UP !!!

  4. I don't think we're going to be able to agree on this René.

  5. This isn't a thing of agrement Keith, ... this is for you an believe so it seems.

    In the real world believe isn't fact based and acting on it this way as all the climate alamrist do it's turining into a cult, even a death cult.

    You don't want to camble on the so called most scientist being wrong, ... but what about the other side?! crashing everything we build up the last couple of 100 years and then discover that it all was just one big HOAX ?! Be aware we are heading to an ara comparable to the 1900 if we're keep going for this nonsens talk to some local farmers I would suggest. I don't say we couldn't get stuff better by inovating and getting more sustainable but to get all the CO² out and stop fosil fuel is just nonsens.

    I'll reckon you didn't even watched the link I send you, ... cause your comment is not saying ANYTHING typial the reaction I'd expect and soo disapointing from people who I thought had some common sense left in them.

    You ought to know how major nature is and how small humans really are, ... whats made you thinking we are even able to play God ?!


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