Lookout at Thurso East

A stone turret on a low cliff-top with a snow-covered headland in the distance

Lookout at Thurso East

Watercolour, 17 cm x 26 cm

£155 excluding framing

Along the coast from Thurso Castle there is a lookout turret. I don't know whether it was a folly, or whether it had some purpose, maybe to watch for returning fishing fleets. Now it's a place to enjoy the sound of the waves and view the whole of Thurso Bay.


you should google on it 'll reckon,
I know that many of these ruins where errected to put canons on them, ...
At least that what they told on the TV series Coast.

Otherwise email Oliver Neil he should know ;-)

Lovely btw.
Keith Tilley said…
Nothing so dramatic in this case, it's mostly just for show I think.

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