The Old Fergie

Watercolour painting by Keith Tilley. An old red tractor in a roadside field with tall trees behind.

The Old Fergie

Watercolour, 18 cm x 26 cm


An old Ferguson tractor. They were very popular around the middle of the last Century, and many older farmers must have fond memories of them. There are still a few in occasional use around where I live.


John (JWJarts) said…
I really like this painting Keith. I'm particularly struck by your palette which is very reminiscent of James Fletcher-Watson, one of my favourite artists. Superb work!!
Keith Tilley said…
Thanks John, there was a time when I was very influenced by James Fletcher-Watson's work. I use a different range of colours now, but I suppose there are still some similarities, especially in the preference for earth pigments.

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