The Old Fergie

Watercolour painting by Keith Tilley. An old red tractor in a roadside field with tall trees behind.

The Old Fergie

Watercolour, 18 cm x 26 cm

£155 excluding framing


An old Ferguson tractor. They were very popular around the middle of the last Century, and many older farmers must have fond memories of them. There are still a few in occasional use around where I live.


John (JWJarts) said…
I really like this painting Keith. I'm particularly struck by your palette which is very reminiscent of James Fletcher-Watson, one of my favourite artists. Superb work!!
Keith Tilley said…
Thanks John, there was a time when I was very influenced by James Fletcher-Watson's work. I use a different range of colours now, but I suppose there are still some similarities, especially in the preference for earth pigments.

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