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Snow at Dirlot

An original watercolour of a snow scene with cottages.
Snow at Dirlot, watercolour, 16 x 26 cm

Available - £140

We haven't had this much snow yet - this was painted from a sketch - but it's turned much colder, so it could happen at any time.


Bruce Sherman said…
Hello there Keith,

Hmmm. Could well be one would see in these parts. Winter is fully upon us. T'was -22 C two days ago and a "balmy" -6 C here today. lol

I love that flash of warmth that you have strategically placed in =the upper right of the sky area. Lifts the spirit!

Happy winter Keith!

"Warmest"regards and good painting,
Keith Tilley said…
Hello Bruce,

Yes that certainly sounds like winter! Nothing like that here yet, and probably not for a while. More like +4 C for us, but that feels chilly.

I'm glad you like the warm touch, it would be bleak without it wouldn't it.

Stay warm!
All the best,

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