Ice on a Moorland Road

"Ice on a Moorland Road", watercolour, 16 x 26 cm
Another view beside Loch More. Either a road to nowhere, or a road to peace and contemplation, depending upon your point of view!

Keith Tilley Watercolours


  1. Hi there Keith!... Like so many things in life your painting describes a "point of view
    ... or perspective that depends upon the needs and preferences of the viewer. Often... peace and contemplation do in fact... come more easily and readily... out of nowhere!

    I like the simplicity of your planes as they recede back... leaving a single lonely tree in the foreground! It captures the isolation and desolate beauty of the back country.

    1. Hi Bruce, ..........And art mirrors life in that quiet areas in a painting allow the mind to concentrate on the main interest!

      All the best,


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