A Rough Crossing

"A Rough Crossing" - watercolour - 16 x 26 cm

This is the ferry that runs between Scrabster, in Caithness, and Stromness, in Orkney. I didn't tie myself to a ship's mast in a storm as JMW Turner is reputed to have done, but it felt a bit like it. I was at the sea-front in Thurso and the wind was so strong that I was having trouble staying on my feet. At one point I was being blown along and could only stop myself by clinging to a lamppost. I thought the ship and the stormy conditions made a dramatic subject, but all I could do in circumstances was take a blurry photograph. It was enough though, with my memory, to make this painting in more comfortable conditions.

This painting will be on show, with several others, at the Wave North Exhibition at Caithness Horizons in Thurso throughout October.


  1. HI there Keith!... You sure have captured the unruliness of the wind... the thrown spume on the waves and the list in the vessel certainly do translate a stormy crossing! The cold grey sky mass further adds to the foreboding mood that you have conveyed!

    Good Painting... and Fair(er) Fall weather Keith!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Thanks Bruce, I hope you get better weather than this for your paint-out!

      All the best,

  2. I remember my crossing as being very smooth and with sunshine, it certainly tells a different story in your lovely painting Keith.

    1. Yes I've only been across in good weather as well Caroline, I don't think I would be very happy going across in these conditions.


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