Cotton Grass

"Morven and Cotton Grass" - watercolour - 19 x 29 cm

It was noticeable this year that there was a lot of cotton grass on the moors. There was more than I have seen in recent years, so presumably it had something to do with the late spring. Whatever the reason, some areas were a sea of white fluffy tufts, looking almost like a return to the snow of winter. Most of it is disappearing now though, to be replaced with the purple flowers of the heather.


  1. Hi Keith it looks like a coastal painting with those white fields in the distance! I like the way the sky wash granulates.

    1. Hi Caroline. Yes I see what you mean: that could be sea and surf couldn't it.

  2. The white of the cotton makes for an unusual and very interesting effect. I love the way you've rendered it here, this is, to me, a really memorable and attractive landscape. The dark band of cloud higher up provides a sense of mystery, the perfect foil for the white grass. Love it.

  3. Hi there Keith!... Another stunningly "simple", yet expressive wilderness panorama of colour... blended with a sense of deep space!

    Isn't it a miracle of creation... how Nature conrols her palette, placing and shifting colour as the seasons evolve in clock-like precision and tonal accuracy? I am always left in awe... and deep reverence when viewing and contemplating this reality during my treks.

    Thanks for sharing Keith!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Hi Bruce, yes it's like trying to copy an "Old Master" painting sometimes isn't it. You know however well you do it, you won't come anywhere near the original!

      All the best,

  4. Following your wonderful paintings is like being there. Beautiful countryside; one of these days, I will have to visit.


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