A Fishing Fleet

"A Fishing Fleet Sailing Out" - watercolour - 25 x 36 cm

Fishing at sea is a dangerous occupation, even with modern vessels and communications. I can only begin to imagine how tough it must have been in past times. In their sailing boats they were at the mercy of the wind and couldn't be sure of reaching a sheltered harbour quickly. They didn't have the luxury of modern weather-forecasting either.

Something about this piece reminds me of the watercolours that Winslow Homer painted at Cullercoats. He spent a few years there living with the fishing community and recording their lives. Some of the most memorable images for me are the women waiting on the shore and looking for their menfolk returning.

"Fisherman's Family (The Lookout)" by Winslow Homer

"Returning Fishing Boats" by Winslow Homer


  1. OMG! Who's who here? Winslow has nothing on you . LOL !!!
    Keith, when it comes to these subjects your work is right up there with the best...
    and I mean that sincerely... BJ

    You Need to GET RID of that damn word verification thingy... I can't read it. !!!!!!

    1. Thanks Barbra Joan, I'm flattered by your comment. I think there's plenty of room for improvement yet though.

  2. Good evening Keith!... A superb painting... full of colour... action and great weather effects! You capture the essence of your ancient vessels with a very similar and estute knowledge and command of good transparent water colouring!

    I too... greatly admire all of Homer's watercolours... and most especially his body of outdoor Adirondack paintings which depict fishing and hunting themes!

    Another great painting Keith! Well done!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Thanks Bruce. Yes it's the Adirondack period for me too. I can understand why you like them.....

      Keep paddling that canoe,

  3. I love your 'A Fishing Fleet Sailing Out', Keith; one can almost hear the wind in the sails, the slap of the water against the side of the boats and the birds screeching overhead. Beautiful painting.

  4. Lovely vibrant painting Keith, equally as good as the Homers that accompany it here.


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