Watercolour, 14 x 10 inches

I went for a walk last week in Dunbeath Strath. Through the trees, across the moor, and up onto the hill where an ancient stone stands looking out over endless tracts of wild country. It has been there for thousands of years and probably will be for many generations to come. As I sketched, surrounded by tombs and cairns, I was aware of a connection with the past, as well as a sense almost of timelessness. Hopefully, some of that feeling has found its way into the painting which I made later.

Caithness abounds in ancient remains and it must have had a large population for those days. I read somewhere that the climate then was warmer and drier, so it would have been a pleasant place to live, with fertile soils and good fishing. The Vikings thought so too when they arrived in more recent times.


  1. Hi Keith, Chalky here. Thought I'd pop in to check out what you've been painting lately. Your Landscapes are sure coming alive these days.
    Hope all this rain isn't making ya paint run.
    Keep creating, Chalks

  2. Hello Chalky, I don't seem to have run into you much recently.
    Glad you like the way the landscapes are coming on. I've just sold 5 out of 6 at an art show in Thurso, so I'm feeling quite chuffed.

  3. wow congrats on the sales,i'm not surprised your work looks well accompished and got a great personal touch

    so does your latests it feels so authentic,love the sky framing the stone

  4. Thanks for the comments Rob.
    I thought I'd overdone the sky at first, but it all came together when I put the foreground in.


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