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Clearing Fog at Ackergill

I love foggy days, when shapes become mysterious and gradually emerge from the background. Then as the sun begins to break through, everything is bathed in a lovely soft, warm light.

The Walled-Garden at the Castle of Mey

The Castle of Mey is the most northerly inhabited castle on the British mainland. It is a popular tourist attraction, and one of the landmarks on the North Coast 500 route. The castle was acquired in 1952 by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, after the death of her husband, King George VI. It was in a neglected state and likely to be abandoned, so she decided to purchase and save it from ruin. She spent many summers there for the rest of her life, and one of her pleasures was the walled garden. In this sheltered environment, with the help of her gardeners, she cultivated roses and grew vegetables, and created a lush oasis in the harsh northern climate.

30 x 30 Exhibition Paintings

These are the paintings that I have on show in the 30 x 30 Exhibition at Caithness Horizons.

30 x 30 Exhibition at Caithness Horizons

Lobster Boat