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A New Angle on the Stacks

The Coastline at Duncansby Head Watercolour 25 x 36cm In the usual tourist view of the rock stacks at Duncansby Head (*) they look pyramid-shaped. However from further along the cliffs they can be seen to be quite thin ridges of rock, almost two-dimensional in appearance. The colours were from the same primary palette that I used for the last painting. * link From the collection of HRH The Prince of Wales.

Experiments with Colour

Sunshine in the Lairig Ghru Watercolour 25 x 36 cm One thing I've been experimenting with recently is choice of colours. I've always used a palette built around a selection of earth colours, but I was wondering whether I was getting a bit lazy with colour-mixing. It's all too easy to find yourself using a few favourite mixes and not exploring the full range of your palette. I decided to try using a primary colour palette of just six colours, which would force me to mix them together for the secondaries and tertiaries. I already had most of the colours I needed except for a red-orange. As I have also been trying out Rembrandt watercolours, I chose Permanent Orange from that range. Unfortunately that wasn't quite red enough and made greenish mixes with Ultramarine, whereas Burnt Sienna makes warm greys. I think Vermilion might have been a better choice. My palette of six colours was as follows:- Winsor Yellow - Winsor and Newton Permanent Orange - Rembra