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The Old Man of Hoy

The Old Man of Hoy Watercolour 16 x 26 cm
I painted this watercolour in a bold manner, which suited the rugged subject matter. I started with the dark areas on the rock stack and let these run into the cliffs behind, which I painted in one wash. Then I continued with the hillside, also completed while it was still wet. While these areas were drying, I painted the background coastline and the sea in the foreground. I completed the rock stack with a wash of pale colour and put a bit of dark detail onto the cliffs. Finally, I painted the sky and a bit of detail in the water.


Tracks in the Snow
16 x 26 cm

 Winter at Keiss
16 x 26 cm

It's only a week or so since the snow all disappeared, but already it seems a long while ago.

I wonder what it is that is so attractive about snowy landscapes. I think it might be that detail is simplified and contrast is enhanced - the same things that I like in a painting really.

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset, Morven
16 x 26 cm
The cold, dry weather is making the air much clearer at the moment. The result is some wonderful sunsets and beautiful night skies filled with stars.