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Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow Watercolour 16 x 26 cm As predicted, the snow has returned, and it's deeper this time. It's nice having the roads free of traffic, but I wouldn't mind a spell of better weather now, so that life can get back to normal for a while. Best Wishes to everyone at Christmas.

Pine Trees in Glen Quoich

Scots Pines in Glen Quoich Watercolour 25 x 16 cm The snow suddenly disappeared in much warmer weather, but after a brief respite, arctic weather is set to return in the next few days. Meanwhile, here is another painting of the Cairngorms. This pair of pine trees, in Glen Quoich, was just across the river from the group of trees I painted earlier.

Causeymire Windfarm

Sunset at the Windfarm Watercolour 25 x 36 cm Travelling north to Caithness much of the road hugs the coastline and is hemmed in between the sea and the hills. However the route to Thurso branches off and crosses a vast area of peat bog , known as The Causeymire. It is an amazingly empty landscape and comes as a complete contast to the coast road. At the northern end of the open country, there is another contrast as the road passes the twenty-one turbines of the Causeymire Windfarm. A landscape which feels almost primaeval gives way to another which couldn't be more modern. I was driving home one afternoon on snowy roads, worried about getting home, when I saw the last of the sunset over the wind turbines. Fortunately I had my camera with me, so I stopped and took a few photographs before the light finally faded.

First Snow

Snow at Calder Watercolour 16 x 26 cm What a difference the arrival of winter can make to a landscape. This is the same view that I painted a few weeks ago in autumn sunshine . Now it's covered in a blanket of snow.