Loch Naver

Autumn Sunshine on Loch Naver, watercolour, 16 x 26 cm

Lovely Loch Naver lies in the heart of the vast emptiness of Sutherland. A narrow winding road follows the northern shore, fringed with birch trees and grassy meadows. On the southern side the loch is dominated by the mountain, Ben Klibreck, one of Scotlands 'Munros' (mountains over 3,000 ft or 910 m). On a sunny autumn day, with the glowing birch trees, the blue of the water and the backdrop of rich moorland colours, it is just perfect.


Diane said…
What a beautiful place, Keith, and I really love your grove of birch trees. An image to treasure. Thank you so much.
Keith Tilley said…
Thanks Diane, I love birch trees in the autumn, with their black-and-white trunks and glowing foliage; a bit like Eucalyptus I imagine.
Bruce Sherman said…
Good morning Keith!... Nice to see you back with this Tilley panoramic gem! Lovely warm and inviting color with "one player" on stage. A divine soliloquy those lithe birches deliver in a landscape... no matter what season! Bravo!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,
Keith Tilley said…
Good morning Bruce. This was one of those wonderful times when Nature seems to light its own stage-set. All we have to do is be there to watch the show!

All the best,

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