Lochdhu Lodge

"Lochdhu Lodge" - watercolour - 25 x 36 cm

I was on a long bike ride one day, when I came round a corner and saw this building. It was surprising to find such an imposing house in the middle of an area of forestry plantations. I found out later that it's called Lochdhu Lodge, and that it was built towards the end of the 19th Century for Victorian shooting parties. It probably owes its existence to the nearby railway, which meant that building materials could be brought in easily.

The name "Lochdhu" means "Black Loch". There are lots of other dhu lochs throughout Scotland. Some are very deep and dark, or in shady places, but I think the name more often comes from the dark peat-stained water.


Unknown said…
The clouds, composition and drawing of the Lodge are excellent, Keith. A very nice painting.
Bruce Sherman said…
Good morning Keith!. Quite an imposing find... after quite a long pedal!

Warmly handled colour with a nice lead in to your discovery. Worth the effort to get there.

Good Painting!... and Happy Biking to the plein air pedaler!
Warmest regards,
Barbra Joan said…
Excellent work as always, Keith.
Keith Tilley said…
Hi Bruce, yes it was quite a surprise and made it a rewarding expedition. I love exploring like that.

Unusually, the first view was a good composition as well. It saved all that business of moving backwards and forwards comparing angles.

All the best,
Keith Tilley said…
Thanks Barbra Joan.
Diane said…
Wow! A bit different to the quarry building. You have definitely caught the majesty of the building and the beauty of the surrounding countryside - a very rewarding bike ride indeed.
Keith Tilley said…
Thanks Diane, it's certainly different from the ruined cottages that I usually find.
It is quite dramatic! lovely sky and an imposing grand lodge.
Unknown said…
I would be interested in buying a Loch Dhu piece. Used to stay there as a child when a family member was a part owner of the lodge. Let me know if you plan on doing another one of these.
Keith Tilley said…
Hi Jack. I'll maybe think about doing another one soon. Is there a size or price range that you would prefer? You can send me an email at keith@keithtilley.co.uk if you would like to discuss it.

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