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Tracks in the Snow
16 x 26 cm

 Winter at Keiss
16 x 26 cm

It's only a week or so since the snow all disappeared, but already it seems a long while ago.

I wonder what it is that is so attractive about snowy landscapes. I think it might be that detail is simplified and contrast is enhanced - the same things that I like in a painting really.


Bruce Sherman said…
Hi Keith!... Two snowy Masterpieces... capital "M" fully intended Keith!

Like "You" I have an affinity for the winter landscape. It does ... I think what you have ably shown in both... objects that disappear in other seasons have their day... and colour of any kind... particularly in skies... and especially shadows are electrifying because of the vast whiteness.

Beautiful work Keith! Very impressive indeed!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,
Sherrie York said…
There is definitely something about snowy landscapes! Increased contrast, diminished detail, intensified color.. yes, yes, yes! These are lovely and evocative pieces, thank you for sharing them.
. said…
Oh Keith, the simplicity with which you paint snow is so inspiring! These are fantastic :-D
Ruby said…
Love winter landscapes. The ranges of blues and pale colours are so enthralling.
You capture so well the winter blues, the cold, and the way only 'snow' reflects light.
Wonderful canvases ... I think some of the best winterscapes I have seen......and I live in 'winter land'.
Hi Keith.
Sorry I haven`t been around, but your last four paintings are brilliant. I particularly like the Tracks in the Snow one. Well done again keith.
Keith Tilley said…
Hi Bruce,

Yes the colours are stunning sometimes as well.

They are good subjects for watercolour, where the white paper can become part of the painting.

All the best,
Keith Tilley said…
Thanks Nicki.

The snow definitely helps with the simplicity.
Keith Tilley said…
Hi Ruby,

I love blue, as you can see from the style of this blog, so I suppose winter landscapes suit me very well.
Super Keith,

Your country side is soo awe inspiring, here all is man made only the sky and the current high water in the rivers makes you see the real force of nature. It's makes you small but also gives you a feel of being part of it all. The same feeling you give in your work, being part of a wonderful world. Thanks.
Keith Tilley said…
Hi René, I'm always glad that I have the opportunity to connect with Nature. I don't think I could get by without it.
John (JWJarts) said…
As usual, I am in awe. Beautiful pieces, especially "Tracks in the Snow". They don't come better than this.
I hope the snow is gone now Keith. I love the two snowscenes and my favourite is the low lying cloud over the sea, very nice.
Keith Tilley said…
Thanks Caroline. Yes the snow has all gone. It's wet and windy now. Hmmm maybe the snow wasn't so bad! :D

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