Rough Sea at Dounreay

I had problems with showers again recently. Normally if I think that it is going to start raining I turn my painting over and wait for it to pass, but this time a shower of sleet came up behind me and took me by surprise! Spots appeared on the paper before I could do anything about it, but actually I don't think they have done any harm. They seem to add to the feeling of being outdoors in the weather.

I suppose some people would use an umbrella to protect them from rain, but I don't like having too much equipment to worry about. There are practical considerations too: In the Caithness winds I would be likely to take off, bringing a new meaning to the term 'aerial perspective'!

Rough Sea at Dounreay
Watercolour, 10 x 14 inches


rob ijbema said…
you do these rough sea/coast scenes so well Keith,can't begin to imagine sitting there being battered by the wind.
i don't mind the spots either,they are a true reflection of the conditions.
you wouldn't see me with an umbrella,they look like a big sign,hey here is a painter,haha
Keith Tilley said…
I'm glad you like it Rob. I really feel I've caught something of the atmosphere on the day with this one.
I usually stand up to paint as I like to have freedom to move around, and I keep stepping back to get a better idea of how the painting is going. The trouble is when it's windy it's difficult to hold the brush steady. I sometimes have to paint between gusts!

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