The Old Workhorse

The Old Workhorse
Watercolour, 10 x 14 inches

This was an unusual subject for me, but it is good to try something different now and again.
It was one of those dreary days when the clouds seem to come down to the ground, but as it wasn't actually raining I thought I might be able to get something done. There were no distant views and the poor light meant that the tones were all grey, so I needed to find some colour. I came across this old vehicle which was being used for forestry work, so I thought I would have a go at it.
I hadn't been painting for very long when it started raining and there didn't seem to be any sign of it stopping soon. I have sometimes painted from inside my van in conditions like these, but I dislike doing it because it literally cramps my style, so this time I tried something else. I set up my tripod inside the vehicle and I stood outside, so I got wet but the painting didn't! I found that it worked very well and I think I might be able to use this technique a lot more to paint in bad weather. I had to have my board at a steeper angle than usual, but I found that the paint seemed to go on better, so this is something else to try in future.

Set-up for painting in the van


Diane said…
The painting is great even if, as you say, it is a bit different to what you normally paint. You managed to capture the feeling of wet desolation (which you most probably feeling, if you were standing outside the van, in the rain!). It is a very sensory painting.
rob ijbema said…
women and paintings first!
the things we do for our little paintings
it sure looks worth it Keith
and painting something different is a great excercise.
i like the way the truck is sitting in the landscape,totally natural despite it being orange,
Keith Tilley said…
Lost in space - It's interesting how working outdoors brings something extra to the process. Something about engaging all the senses seems to transfer itself to the painting.

Rob - I think it was because the truck looked so natural that it interested me. If it had been a shiny new vehicle, or if it had been on tarmac, I would probably have passed it by.

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