Old Croft at Westerdale

Old Croft at Westerdale, watercolour, 25 x 36 cm

Just a group of barns now, but within living memory these were someone's home. I wonder what stories those old stones could tell!



Barbra Joan said…
As always Keith this is a lovely painting. Yes, some of these old places would have lots of stories to tell. Hope all is well with you . I'm still painting but have slowed down quite a bit..
Keith Tilley said…
Hi Barbra Joan, I'm glad you like the painting. I keep on working at my watercolours, but haven't had much time for the internet recently. Good to hear that you are keeping on at painting.
Bruce Sherman said…
Hi there Keith!.... Not only do the stones talk and share stories of the past... so do your paintings illuminate those long past memories so beautifully in paint. They truly transport your viewers into a different time and space in history. That is the magic of your sharing. Those stories are never lost as long as your records remain.

Warmest regards and Blessings!
Keith Tilley said…
Hi Bruce,

As usual you put it so well into words. It's the sharing of feelings which makes the art.

All the best,

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