The Castle of Mey - a Drawing Challenge

The Castle of Mey, North Side, watercolour, 25 x 36 cm

In contrast to my usual subjects of open landscapes and simple cottages, this was quite challenging. Just fitting the whole thing onto the paper was the first problem, and then I had to get all those turrets and battlements in the right place. I started by lightly indicating the main features to get everything in the right place, but even so there was a bit of rubbing out and redrawing involved!

The painting wasn't easy either, with all the shadows and reflected lights, but by working carefully in layers I think I achieved a sense of solidity and depth.

With this kind of subject there is a danger of concentrating too much on the detail and ending up with a very accurate but rather lifeless painting. I think I managed to keep enough looseness to give the Castle a sense of a moment in time, but the viewer will be able to judge that better than me.


  1. Good morning Keith,

    All of the challenges you faced were completely met to obtain the facile outcome
    that you searched for.

    Working in layers in all likelihood was the key to your success. Successful water coloring depends solely upon that being achieved.

    Bravo!... Another first class project!
    Warmest regards,


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