Catching up

It's been quite a long time since I've posted anything here, there's just so much to occupy my time on the internet these days. I now have a couple of Google+ collections: "A Picture of Northern Scotland", where I post paintings of landmark locations with a bit of background information, and "Keith Tilley Watercolours", where I post some of my latest work as I produce it. Although I don't like Facebook most people seem to be active there at the moment, so I post there regularly as well and it has led to a few sales.

In the real world, I have been painting more small pieces recently. They are proving to be quite popular, partly I think because they are lower-priced, but also because they make good presents, especially at this time of year. Below are some examples. They are all watercolours and are 13 x 18 cm or 5 x 7 inches.

 "The Dounreay Dome"

"Backlass Township"

"Evening Light at Ackergill Tower"

 "Highland Cattle"

 "Causeymire Peat Workings" 

 "Sunburst at Scotscalder"


  1. These are very nice Keith . We are of the same mind about painting a bit smaller... Very recently I read how one of my bloggers has started painting some smaller paintings and how well it works out for her.
    I've always had a hard time with anything larger than 11x14". So I was feeling better about that..
    For you it must be a breeze. Wishing you Happy Holidays from Florida
    Barbra Joan

    1. Hi Barbra Joan,
      I found these small ones harder at first. It wasn't the painting, which was actually easier to control at such a small size, but choosing the subjects. Not everything works in such a restricted space, and there needs to be a strong focus and range of values.

  2. Lovely littel gems Keith!!

    Yes it's hard to devide your time online isn't it. I too start to think of leaving Facebook it's becoming more and more like a marketingtool without any reconsideration of what others might think of your postings. I like to have (some) control over what I see on internet and what not, ... to see these little marvelous sketches for example, just splendid!!

    1. Thanks René, Facebook does get annoying doesn't it, with all their "recommendations" and "memories" etc.


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