Into the Flow Country

"Beyond Loch More", watercolour, 16 x 26 cm

A public road runs out through Strathmore, as far as Loch More, but beyond that there are only estate and forestry tracks. One route leads through the Flow Country for 16 miles, to the next strath at Forsinard. Another route goes to the south, into the mountains around Braemore. In good weather, either route makes a great day out on foot or bicycle.


  1. Good morning Keith!... What a beautifully designed and executed water colour! How well that strategically placed wee strip o' water melds the two opposing sides of the painting. How wonderfully warm and inviting your usual command of colour.

    The foreground shadows... varied in colour and strength outward from their source are purely magical and create such a powerful... but amazing simply created entry into this masterpiece! Bravo... again!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Good morning Bruce, and thank you for taking the time to visit Thank you as well for your analysis of the painting, which is, as usual, right on the mark.

    Best wishes,

  3. It is a wonderful feeling, walking from the shadows thrown by the tree on the left, towards the open sunlit landscape. Even at that point, you know that you have an amazing day ahead of you. Lovely painting, Keith.

    1. Thanks Diane, going out into that landscape is always like a breath of fresh air.

  4. Love the light in this pretty painting of a summer's day in moorland country.


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