Dunnet Forest

"A Walk in Dunnet Forest" - watercolour - 16 x 26 cm

Dunnet Forest is one of the few areas of mixed woodland in Caithness. It was originally a commercial conifer plantation, but it was purchased by Scottish Natural Heritage and is now managed as a community woodland. The Dunnet Forest Trust has done a lot of work, clearing areas of fallen trees and replanting with native species. They have also created an extensive network of paths and it's possible to walk quite a long way, and even get a bit lost! With all the open space in the county, it makes a nice change to experience a woodland setting, with all its sounds and smells.


  1. Good morning Keith!... Your painting offers the usual "main course" of rich warm colors and careful design. It offers another "side" of history to whet the visual appetite... and then... it offers an unexpected surprise... people! What a pleasant surprise!

    Always stretching Keith. And isn't that what art should be doing on both sides of the process? Bravo!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Lovely painting, Keith. There is something different about it, and I cannot really put my finger on what it is - perhaps it is something to do with the colours or, as Bruce mentioned, the people. It looks like a beautiful place for walking.

    1. It may be a bit softer than usual Diane: I wanted to avoid defining too many individual trees and make the painting look over-worked.


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