Returning to Nature

"Returning to Nature" - watercolour - 35 x 25 cm

When I first saw this scene from a distance, at Achscrabster Quarry, it looked like some kind of unusual tree. It was only when I got closer that I could see that it was a chimney completely covered with foliage, and what I had thought was just a patch of woodland, was a range of old buildings which were also becoming overgrown. It always fascinates me how, over time, nature can completely obliterate the works of Man.

By Keith Tilley


  1. That's why nature is such a gift. LOL! yes it can obliterate the works of man. !
    wonderful painting as always Keith. and I see a new photo.. like the sprouts!!!

  2. Good morning Keith!... What a pleasant surprise to find this vertical format posted! An April Fool's effort???... No joke however! A beautifully balanced... calm and serene interpretation of the subject. Nature certainly has her way with us... and in a rather short period of time. Perhaps that might be the destiny for mankind in general. Without intending pessimism... I wonder....

    Good Painting... and Happy Spring!
    Warmest regards,
    PS Had to look twice at your new spring growth. Spring and change in action! HA HA!!!

    1. Hi Bruce, it had to be vertical format didn't it? It made a perfect 'L' shaped composition.

      Regarding the destiny of mankind, I read something thought-provoking the other day. Apparently, if you were to look at geological layers, the whole of human history would be the thickness of a sheet of thin paper; far less than the layers containing dinosaur fossils. It's a sobering thought. I think there's still a bit of painting time left yet though. :D

      All the best,

  3. This is different to many of your other paintings, Keith; is it because it is vertical instead of horizontal? I'm not sure, but it is a great painting, and it shows that, even if we think we are completely in control of everything, we are not, and, in the end, it is Nature who has the final say.

    1. I think it may be because it is on a smoother paper, Diane, so there is not so much dry-brush work.

      I think the whole world has begun to realise, this year, that we can't control Nature.

  4. Beautiful watercolor technique, crisp and clean looking with perfect washes.

  5. Amazingly beautiful painting Keith. The tree lower left looks so realistic!


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