The Dounreay Dome

"The Dounreay Dome" - watercolour - 13 x 18 cm

I don't think a final decision has been reached yet about whether to preserve the Dounreay Dome. The nuclear reactor is being decommissioned, but the process will take another thirty years or so. The last I heard was that the dome is contaminated and will cost too much to clean up. Also, other parts of the site are contaminated as well and it is unlikely the public will be allowed access for three hundred years. I don't see why that means that the dome has to be demolished though. To me. its value is not in what may or may not be seen inside it by visitors, but in its place in the landscape. It is such an iconic symbol of the first operational nuclear power station in the UK, and as much a part of Caithness as the other natural and man-made features of the county. The main cost of preserving the dome seems to be the need to repaint it every ten years. Hopefully the money can be found for that and the decision can be put off for a while.


  1. Good evening Keith!... Wonderful how you can put a positive spin on such subject by adding warmth and... that usual powerfully painted layered sky of grey clouds. They suggest the "cloudy"... and unsettled future for this once highly regarded site.

    A great painting!

    Good painting!
    WQarmest regards,

    1. Hi Bruce, thanks for your perceptive comments, as usual. Maybe then, the light shining on the dome suggests that, at some point, the clouds will clear and there will be a sunny future for the site!

      All the best,

  2. I agree, Keith; it should be allowed to remain. From an artistic perspective it gives balance to the cluster of 'uprights'. Will be in your part of the world as from Friday, though a little further north (Sweden and Latvia). Will send you a from-the-same-hemisphere thought.

    1. Yes that's right, Diane. I don't suppose artistic considerations play much of a part in the decision-making though!

      I hope you enjoy your visit and that you have the same good weather that we are having at the moment.


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