"Soft Light on Morven" - watercolour - 16 x 26 cm

This is one of the paintings that I am exhibiting at the Society of Caithness Artists Exhibition. It's another view of Morven, a mountain which I think is becoming my equivalent of Cezanne's Montagne Sainte-Victoire! It's there in my view every day and often makes a tempting subject.


  1. Hello Keith good luck in your exhibition. We also get a view of Morven from the beaches here in Moray. It is across the sea and different to your lovely painting here. I hope you have been having good weather too.

    1. Thanks Caroline. Morven has such a distinctive profile doesn't it? It seems to be in the view from a lot of places in the north.

      We've had the good weather as well, but thankfully it hasn't been too hot here.

  2. Keith, as usual your paintings are beautiful. I have always liked your work..
    I'm trying desperately to do landscapes.
    A struggle to be sure. Maybe I'm destined to be a flower painter.

    1. Hi Barbra Joan, I struggle with flower paintings. Sometimes I feel like trying one, but I don't do enough to be confident with them. I suppose we all have our particular strengths.

  3. Hi there Keith!... Little wonder it is so tempting to paint! Its panoramic and majestic and Mont Sainte-Victoire presence commands the eye's attention... and especially so in this warm,typical Tilleyesque rendering! Another gem!

    Good luck with the exhibition and sales end of things Keith!

    Good Painting and Happy summer!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Thanks Bruce, I've had some sales already, so it's looking good so far.

      All the best,


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