Berriedale Water

"Bridge on Berriedale Water" - watercolour - 24 x 36 cm

I always enjoy going down to the south of the county, because the landscape is so different. Where I live is an area of farmland bordering the boggy moorland of the Flow Country. It is also fairly flat. However, the south of Caithness is fringed by mountains and deep glens, and seems to have more in common with Sutherland.

Berriedale Water cuts its way through the hills for seven miles on a winding course, providing many dramatic views. At one point it runs through a narrow gorge and a bridge has been built across the gap. Its an interesting experience to cross the swaying structure, high above the rocks in the river bed below!

I had intended to do another tutorial, but I forgot to take the photographs during the painting. This was the first stage of wet-into-wet washes.


  1. Hi there Keith!.. I like the effect you have developed inn this painting... almost an oriental feeling with your incorporation of soft edges... especially in those rocks lurking below the sway bridge!

    Always great fun to find new landscapes away from "the regular" at home to add new challenges and interest!

    A lovely composition supported with your usual great colour!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Hi Bruce, yes I see what you mean about the oriental feeling in this one. I'm quite happy about that because I've always admired traditional Chinese paintings.

      All the best,

  2. Beautiful painting. I don't think I'd be walking over the bridge though (and I've walked over some pretty awful hanging bridges...).

    1. Thanks Diane. Yes the bridge was bouncing and swaying quite a bit.


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