Loch More

"View Over Loch More" - watercolour - 19 x 29 cm

In the west of Caithness a long road follows the course of the Thurso out over the moors. The road ends at Loch More, where the water entering the river is controlled by a dam and weir. Occupying a shallow basin, the loch is surrounded by open moors and forest, with a view of distant mountains. The overall impression is of big skies and open spaces.

One curious aspect is that the exposed location allows the wind to create quite large waves on the water sometimes. These have worn the shores away, forming miniature cliffs in the peat in some places, while in others broad swathes of sand have been washed up. I believe that in former years, when people were happy with simpler pleasures, families used to travel out to the loch in the summer to spend the day on the beach. Now it's more popular with fishermen and people looking for a quite place to walk.


  1. Simplicity plus Keith, a beautiful painting.

  2. Good evening Keith!... As always... you capture the wild quality and solitude of these quiet untravelled places with so little detail... yet you achieve such an evocative spirit on each painting!

    Another Tilley gem and travelogue... both of which I always enjoy!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Hi Bruce, I'm glad you enjoyed this visit to Loch More; it's the kind of place you would love I'm sure.

      I hope the start of the season is going well for you.

      All the best,


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