Exhibition at Caithness Horizons

These are a few of the paintings that I am exhibiting at Caithness Horizons, Thurso, throughout May.

 "Maiden Pap" - watercolour - 25 x 36 cm

 "A Lonely Fishing Hut" - watercolour - 18 x 26 cm

"Beat No.7 on the Thurso" - watercolour - 25 x 36 cm


  1. Good morning Keith!... Another clutch of beautiful Scottish panoramas!

    Iam particularly fond of the top one beacause of the rugged edges of the mountains... with that faint inverted echo of what is below in your treatment of your downward dark cloud formations! A nice touch!

    Good luck with your exhibition at The Caithness Horizon... an apt name for your type of images... don't you think?

    Good Painting... and many sales!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Thanks Bruce. The first one is my favourite too. I like it for the freshness and for the texture in the washes.

      I hadn't thought about the name of the venue, but horizons are certainly something that you are always aware of in Caithness.

      All the best,

  2. Good Luck with your exhibit Keith. As usual your landscapes are some of the best .. The treatment of sky , water, land..

  3. There is nothing I would like more than to attend one of your exhibitions Keith. Good luck with it.


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