After the Thaw

"After the Thaw" - watercolour - 18 x 26 cm

It's been a long winter this year. There seem to have been hints of Spring for a while now, but it's stayed cold and occasional snow showers have covered everything in a blanket of white. The sun is getting warmer now though and any lying snow doesn't last long. We put the clocks forward one hour for British Summer Time this weekend and, as if on cue, we are having a spell of beautifully sunny days. Maybe Spring has finally arrived and will gain a foothold at last.


  1. Hi there Keith!... So nice to see that you have again added "green" to your wonderful palette... a long time since that has been so!

    The thought of summer is really uplifting for we plein folk... although... thoughts of those much-dreaded fly hordes in both places take a little of the shine off the glow! HA HA!!!

    A great transition painting Keith! Those patches of remaining white do have a beauty of their own against that new prima vera!

    Happy Spring!,,, Keep the Faith!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Hi Bruce, yes it's nice to have a bit of green again. The next month or so is probably one of the best times of the year, before those flies get going!

      Soon be time to dust off the canoe,

  2. Hi Keith, lovely painting and gives the feeling of Spring coming..
    Anticipation !!!
    I'm sure you're all tired of cold weather..

    1. Thanks Barbra Joan. Yes it would be nice to have a bit of warmth for a change.

  3. I love the subtle hues of your greens Keith and this painting perfectly captures winters reluctance to let go. Nice work as always.

    1. Thanks John. Those greens mostly have a bit of Pthalo Green in them. If you have earth colours in your palette I find that you can get some lovely subtle hues by mixing them with just a little of the Pthalo Green.


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