Traditional Boats

"A Fifie Taking in Sail" - watercolour - 18 x 26 cm
In the days of sail, when boats were built locally, each part of the British Isles had its own traditional design. I don't know much about boats but I doubt whether modern vessels have so much local character. One of the most common boats on the East Coast of Scotland was the “Fifie”, a sturdy wooden vessel with a long, broad hull and two masts.

It occurred to me that my mother would have been pleased to see these paintings. She used to paint seascapes in oils, under the name of Mary Lowe. She loved the Dutch seascape and landscape paintings of the 17th Century and she worked in a similar style.

"Fishing Boats in a Harbour Mouth" by Mary Lowe - oil - 18 x 26 cm


  1. Hi Keith.
    Your Mother was a brilliant Artist. I can see where you got your talent from now. I like your painting as well as your Mothers painting. well done keith and thank you for showing us your Mothers wonderful painting. More please. All the best.

  2. Good Morning Keith!... Both are lovely works... active... colourful seascapes with a wonderful "old world" feel to them!

    I particularly love the water treatment in your piece... believeably rough.

    Easy to see where your artistic interests and flare for water colour were born. Two talents - thank you for sharing these two for comparison!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Hi Bruce, it's strange that I prefer watercolours when my mother only used oils. I still learnt a lot from her though and I wish she was around now to share ideas with.

      All the best,


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