Crashing Waves

"Crashing Waves" - watercolour - 18 x 26 cm

I wonder what it is about waves that we find so fascinating. Is it the rhythmical sound that soothes our souls? Or is it a sense of the awesome power of nature? Or maybe it's something more primaeval. I just know that I never tire of watching them.


  1. I know just what you mean about watching the waves Keith. In much the same way, I often burn logs in the garden and love to just sit and watch the flames. It's something to do with the movement and the sense of them having a life of their own.
    This is a brilliant painting and you've really captured the unharnessed power with lots of movement. I can almost feel the spray.

  2. Thanks John. Yes, you're right, flames have the same kind of fascination don't they.

  3. A beautiful painting, Keith. Yes, waves are amazing, and, as you say, one can watch them for ever, without tiring.

  4. Lovely fresh looking watercolour Keith, is this coastal area close to your home.

  5. Hi Caroline, yes it's about six miles north of here.

  6. Good evening Keith!... You have more than captured the feeling that draws you to paint and enjoy this subject!

    Strange how the beauty depicted in your wonderful painting paradoxically is wreaking such havoc on New York, New Jersey and many of the inland states in the USA!

    I feel for them at this time! The Natural World is in a turmoil it seems in many different places simultaneously! Worrisome!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Hi Bruce. I think the sense of the power in the waves is part of the attraction. That power has certainly been evident over the last couple of days.

    How are things with you? The storm seemed to be heading your way.

    Best of luck,


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