Spear Head, Scrabster

Spear Head, Scrabster, Watercolour, 18 x 25 cm

More of the wonderful coastal scenery of Caithness. This is just a short distance north of the ferry port of Scrabster, but it could be miles from any human habitation. There are just dramatic cliffs, rock stacks and sea caves, and the ever-present seabirds gliding by effortlessly on the thermal up-currents.


  1. Good Morning Keith!... Another lovely panoramic Tilley "slice" of Caithness beauty!

    What a wonderfully warm substitute for the heavy cold this morning here in Hillsdale! The smoke from chimneys stands straight up at first light out through our bedroom window... signalling sub zero temperatures outside!

    A lovely piece Keith!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Beutiful Keith. Well done. All the best.

  3. Thanks Bruce. We had some cold days like that recently, followed by a dusting of snow over the weekend. More spring-like temperatures are on the way this week, apparently. I won't be putting the warm clothes away yet though!

    All the best,

  4. Thanks Vic. I think you're going to be having some warm weather down there. Hope you enjoy it!

  5. Hi Keith, really nice job on this piece. You always make it look so easy but I know better.
    oh,p.s. now to try and make out these new verification words .
    I've had to cut down on commenting because it's a struggle to make out the words; there have been so many complaints about them ..
    I've never had it on my blog and glad of that.

  6. Thanks Barbra Joan.

    Those new verification words are awful. Often I've had to have several attempts just to get some words I can read!

  7. Part of my advancement with art (albeit slow) is looking closely at what others do and trying to learn from them. I never fail to find good examples to take note of in your work Keith. I really like the way the green foreground leads the eye to the varying tones of the cliff face. Masterly.

  8. That's a never-ending process John, I'm always learning from other people's work.

    I'm glad you get something from my blog posts.

  9. Hello Keith, another wee gem from you here. I really like the bonny green colour for the cliff tops. YOu have also captured the feeling of isolation here on this edge of Scotland.

  10. Hi Caroline, it's that sense of isolation that I find so inspiring about these northern coastlines. I often look out and think about the expanse of ocean between here and the Arctic Circle.


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