Sunset at Latheronwheel

Sunset at Latheronwheel, Acrylic, 20 x 25 cm

This winter has been very different from the last two. So far, instead of snow and ice we have been having mostly wet and very windy weather. The other day there were heavy showers of hail and wind gusting at over 60 mph. It was very noisy at home, so I decided to go over to the more sheltered east coast in search of some peace and quiet. I took my pochade box with me and found a good painting spot in the car park at Latheronwheel Harbour. Even at the foot of the hill the wind was still blustery, but using the box I was able to paint from the comfort of my vehicle.

As it happens, with the wind coming off the land, the sea was quite calm and there was nothing else in the subject to indicate the rough conditions. It just looks like a calm sunset!


  1. Hi there Keith!... One would never suspect that all of that raging weather was about!

    You have captured a lovely and serene seaside moment! The rich colour and use of complementary colours really produce a truly warm and inviting composition!

    I too... found my own quiet over the past three days.Just arrived home from painting in Algonquin Park! So restful and uplifting for the spirit!

    Some good sketches done... and soon to be posted!

    Thanks for sharing this marvelous piece with us... and God Save the Pochade Box! HA HA!!!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Hi Keith.
    I wish I would brave the weather like you. Lovely powerful painting. The sky is brilliant. All the best.

  3. Hi Bruce, the pochade box is certainly proving to be very useful. Working in the comfort of a vehicle could become addictive though!

    Looking forward to the Algonquin sketches,


  4. Well maybe not so brave Vic, I could've tied the easel down and painted in the wind.

  5. Hi Keith. Although I agree with Vic about the sky, it's the sea that really does it for me. You've captured such a natural reflectiveness on the calmer waters. I really like this. I find it hard to understand how you can produce such a painterly picture from the front seat of a car. Superb!

  6. Thanks John. I got those reflections by painting in the dark colour first, then dragging the lighter colour over the top with a fairly dry brush.


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